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Welcome to Clevacover - The Revolutionary Clotheline Cover!


Rain & sun are no match for the Clevacover

This chore is one that needs to be done so we at CLEVACOVER have created an excellent product that will alleviate the worries that come from

·         Leaving your clothes in our intense sun to dry

·         Have the rain beat you to your dry washing

·         Doing the washing and finding it is raining so you can’t hang it out

·         Bringing your clothes in only to find they have bleach marks from the sun

·         Finding bird and bat poo on your clothes and linen which has stained and needs rewashing

Solution to your problems -

All you need is a CLEVACOVER clothesline cover and all your issues are taken care of. Here are some real positives -

·         You get to bring the washing in when you want to

·         You can hang it out when you want

·         It protects the person hanging the washing out 

·         No need for the dryer

·         Saves on electricity

·         Another shaded area to sit or for the dog to lay

·         Another shaded area for children to play

·         Even if it is raining your clothes and linen will dry because air dries clothes not the sun

·         Washed leather runners won’t go brittle but instead stay soft and supple if dried under the cover- just place over 2 lines upside down an leave till dry

These are just a few of the benefits which come from having a CLEVACOVER clothesline cover and once you have had one you will not be without it (the clothesline will look naked without one).

So do yourselves a favour and reduce the stress of at least one everyday chore and get CLEVACOVER clothesline cover which will be a helping hand at the clothesline (even if it can’t physically talk to you or fold laundry).

Yours in laundering,




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