2. How much does it cost to run your laundry appliances?

Clothes dryers

Capacity of machine Type of machine kWh per cycle Cost per cycle
less than 5kg Condenser 1.48-4.5 $0.49-$1.49
Vented 2.79-5.02 $0.92-$1.66
5kg-9kg Condenser 1.98-6.88 $0.65-$2.27
5kg-10kg Vented 4.73-9.23 $1.56-$3.05
Condenser dryers – heated air is continually passed through the load. Instead of exhausting the air, the dryer uses a heat exchanger to cool the air and condense the water vapour into a drain or collection tank. The air is then reheated and passed through the load.
Vented dryers – heated air is passed through the load, with the moist air vented out of the front of the appliance or through a venting duct.

This chart is sourced from sa.gov.au Thats a potential saving of up to $1079.70 based on a household using there dryer once a day. 

Of course their are many more things to consider when you are thinking about line drying vs air drying. The environment is a big one, we all want to reduce our carbon footprint so that our children and there children and there childrens children can enjoy the planet. Other savings incude the longevity of linnes, clothes and manchester making sure you get the most out of your purchases. These are just a few reasons to line dry, there are so very many more.