4. What are my Warranty terms and conditions?

CLEVACOVER WARRANTY This CLEVACOVER is warranted for a period of one year from date of purchase. The manufacturer agrees during the warranty period to repair any manufacturing defects in the product or, at its option, replace the product with another product or an equivalent product without cost to the owner for material or labour. This warranty is subject to the original proof of purchase and the products being used in accordance with the instruction manual. This warranty does not cover defect due to modification, accident, damage caused by vandalism, rusting, acts of nature or any other event beyond the control of the manufacturer. Nor does this warranty cover scratching, scuffing, natural break down of materials that occur inevitably with extended use including Ultra Violet light damage or other cosmetic damage that may result from normal wear and tear. In addition, defects resulting from intentional damage, negligence or unreasonable use will void this warranty. If the product is defective within the terms of this warranty, CLEVACOVER will repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the purchaser. Please note the shipping charges to and from the original place of purchase are not covered under warranty and are the responsibility of the purchaser. CLEVACOVER reserves the right to make substitutions to warranty claims if parts are unavailable or obsolete. This warranty and CLEVACOVER does not cover any incidental or other expenses including but not restricted to property damage, personal injury, death and any other incident that may occur while using or in the vicinity of any CLEVACOVER product. Use at own risk.