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Laundry is one chore that needs to be done regularly, so we at Clevacover are working hard to make it a whole lot easier and a little more fun.  Clevacovers core product range is our amazing waterproof clothesline cover range.  Clevacover waterproof clothesline covers are an excellent product that will alleviate the worries that come from:

  • Leaving your clothes in our intense sun to dry 
  • Have the rain beat you to your dry washing, often resulting in your clothes needing to be re washed or left on the clothesline for days
  • Doing the washing and finding it is raining so you can’t hang it out
  • Bringing your clothes in only to find they have bleach marks from the sun
  • Finding bird and bat poo on your clothes and linen which has stained and needs rewashing

Solution to your problems -

All you need is a Clevacover waterproof clothesline cover and all your issues are taken care of. Here are some real positives -

  • You get to bring the washing in when you want 
  • You can hang your washing out when you want 
  • It protects the person hanging the washing out from UV and sunburn, and protects your hands from sun spots
  • No need for the dryer - shrinking clothes and costing a fortune
  • Provides pricavey from neighbours, your clothes and undergarments will no longer be on display
  • Saves on electricity and helps save the environment 
  • Creates a great shaded area to sit or for the dog to lay
  • A great shaded area for children to play
  • The rotary clothesline cover is an instant umbrella in your yard, perfect for entertaning and hanging your clothes
  • Even if it is raining your clothes and linen will dry because air dries clothes not the sun
  • Washed leather runners won’t go brittle but instead stay soft and supple when dried under your clothesline cover- just place over 2 lines upside down an leave till dry
  • Protects from dust and allergy causing tree pollen and more
  • Protects from bird and bat poo 
  • Keeps lines clean so when you hang out your beautiful white manchester and clothing there is not a layer of dirt on the line that creates marks on your clean washing
  • The Clevacover clothesline cover improves the look of your clothesline, your clothesline will no longer look like a mess of lines and metal framing but be transformed to look stylish and sleek instantly

These are just a few of the benefits which come from having the Clevacover waterproof clothesline cover protecting your washing line. Once you have had one you will not be without it (the clothesline will look naked without one).

So do yourselves a favour and reduce the stress of at least one everyday chore and order your Clevacover waterproof clothesline cover today. Which will be a helping hand at the clothesline (even if it can’t physically talk to you or fold laundry).

Yours in laundering,

The Clevacover team.

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